Revolutionizing Polysorbate Analysis: Prolytix’s Comprehensive, Cutting-Edge Services


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Integrated Bioanalytical Services to Drive Your Biotherapeutic Development

Developing novel biotherapeutics that are safe and effective requires a strategic and collaborative approach. At Prolytix, we offer integrated bioanalytical services that span your product’s entire life cycle, providing you with critical insights for confident decisions. Download our fact sheet to learn more.

Protein Concentration Measurement Services Using SoloVPE

As your dedicated partner with extensive protein chemistry expertise, the Prolytix approach transcends conventional methods. Protein concentration measurements are fundamental for many types of experiments. We use SoloVPE to accurately measure protein concentration at an exceptional rate, ensuring that your experiment is off to the right start. Download our fact sheet to learn more.

Process Development, Analytical Development, & GMP Testing and Release Services

Choosing the appropriate analytical and bioanalytical CRO partner is critical to the success of your biotherapeutic drug development program. Selecting the wrong partner could delay timelines and increase costs, putting your innovation at risk. For large molecule and protein chemistry expertise to accelerate your drug development, go with the pro — Prolytix. Download Now:

Custom Collection Devices

When it comes to sample collection, our emphasis on customization stretches beyond simply supplying the collection devices. We work in close collaboration with you, strategizing and troubleshooting as one to determine the best solutions for your unique needs and flexing to meet any size, volume, format, or preservation compound specifications. Download Now:

High-Quality Research Reagents Since 1987

Meet your plasma protein needs with our off-the-shelf products or speak with our experts about creating a custom solution backed by our 35 years of hands-on experience. Download the Fact Sheet:

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