Research Reagents and Collection Devices

High-Quality Research Reagents Since 1987

Prolytix provides quality research reagents and custom collection devices to academic institutions, clinical research organizations, and other groups that focus on large molecule drug development. Our core product line includes human proteins, bovine proteins, antibodies, and associated reagents for thrombosis research and in vitro diagnostic applications.

An authority in plasma proteins, Prolytix is a leading provider of bovine proteins, cell culture reagents, angiostatins, and a wide range of custom biotherapeutic research reagents. Explore our catalog of reagents to find a solution for your biotherapeutics development.

Custom Collection Devices

Prolytix also supplies custom-formulated collection tubes, vials, and other devices for biotherapeutic research and clinical trials. We provide custom formulations in all shapes, sizes, and volumes, without large quantity and cost requirements.

When you’re ready to scale, Prolytix remains your go-to CRO partner for collection device manufacturing and packaging. Our agile, consultative approach will support your drug product’s development from discovery through release.

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