Coagulation & Hematology Bioanalytical Services

Prolytix provides bioanalytical services for coagulation and hematology, as well as for plasma-based protein therapeutics, from late discovery through release. With more than 35 years of expertise and integrated GLP, GCLP, CLIA, and GMP facilities, our transparent communications, close client collaboration, and dedication to high-quality data support decision-making and expedite regulatory filings. All our bioanalytical testing facilities maintain an outstanding FDA and client inspection track record. 

Biomarker Testing

  • Custom assay development and validation
  • Commercial kit qualification/validation
  • Transfer sponsor-specific proprietary assays for qualification of validation
  • Understanding of regulatory expectations for biomarker analytical validations based on the context of use to provide custom assay development and/or validation
  • Biomarker testing technologies:
    • Meso Scale Discovery-Electrochemiluminescence (MSD-ECL) 
    • ELISA
    • HPLC
  • Off-the-shelf coagulation assays
    • Hemostatic risk assessment
    • Platelet aggregation studies
    • Thrombin generation assays (TGAs) and thromboelastograph (TEG)
  • Quantitative Western Blot

Plasma-Based Proteins Bioanalytical Services

Whether you want to understand plasma proteins better or smooth the transition from the lab to the clinic, or you’re developing a novel plasma protein therapy, Prolytix has the protein chemistry expertise to deliver high-quality results quickly.

Prolytix performs isolation and characterization of quality plasma proteins for in vitro research use. Our scientists have extensive proteomics experience and are here to help you solve your early-phase large-molecule drug development challenges.

Explore our Plasma Protein Bioanalytical Services

High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry Services

  • Peptide Mapping
  • N-Glycan Analysis
  • Sequence Variance Analysis
  • Proteomic Analysis

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