Food Allergens Bioanalytical Services

Prolytix provides bioanalytical testing services for food allergens—a service crucial for ensuring food safety and compliance with regulations, as well as for protecting consumers with food allergies. As your bioanalytical testing partner, Prolytix leverages more than 35 years of protein chemistry expertise, our skilled project management team, and our agile, consultative approach to deliver an average of 100% on-time delivery and high-quality data. 

Explore our Food Allergens Bioanalytical Services

Drug Substance / Drug Product Release and Stability

Potency Assays

Prolytix supports regulatory compliance and provides risk assessment and quality control for food manufacturers by offering potency assays that quantitatively measure the ability of allergens in foods to trigger reactions in susceptible individuals.

Allergen Characterization

  • Techniques and methods utilized include:
    • CE-SDS
    • cIEF
    • BCA
    • ELISA
    • Western Blot

Total Allergenic Activity Assays

We also offer total allergenic activity assays, which provide a comprehensive assessment of multiple allergens that may be present in a food product rather than focusing on specific allergenic proteins or individual allergen components.

RP-HPLC for Allergen Quantitation

Prolytix offers reverse-phase high-performance liquid chromatography (RP-HPLC) to quantitate allergens in food samples and provide accurate and reliable results essential for ensuring food safety and regulatory compliance. RP-HPLC separates molecules based on their hydrophobicity, making it particularly suitable for separating proteins, peptides, and other biomolecules.

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