Anti-Mouse Factor VIII

Formulation50% Glycerol/H2O (vol/vol)
Shelf Life12 months
Purity>95% by SDS-PAGE
Clonality TypeMonoclonal
ImmunogenRecombinant mouse factor VIII
Inhibitory PropertiesDoes not inhibit aPTT
SpecificityRecombinant mouse factor VIII.  Not data for native mouse factor VIII.
Is Western BlotYes, recombinant mouse factor VIII (non-reduced only)
Is ElisaYes, recombinant mouse factor VIII
Is Useful For PurificationND
Customization OptionsReformulation into the buffer of your choice; Custom aliquot sizes; Conjugation with FITC, Biotin, HRP and other conjugates; Coupling to sepharose and column preparation
Clone NumberAMVIII-9035
Dissociation ConstantND
Is RadioimmunoassayND
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