Anti-Human Thrombin

Formulation50% Glycerol/H2O (vol/vol)
Shelf Life12 months
Purity>95% by SDS-PAGE
Clonality TypeMonoclonal
ImmunogenPurified human thrombin
Inhibitory PropertiesInhibits clotting but not amidase activity
SpecificityHuman thrombin, thrombin-ATIII complex, thrombin-PPACK.  Recognizes murine thrombin (Western blot)
Is Western BlotDoes not blot human, murine, rat, bovine
Is ElisaYes
Is Useful For PurificationNo
Customization OptionsReformulation into the buffer of your choice; Custom aliquot sizes; Conjugation with FITC, Biotin, HRP and other conjugates; Coupling to sepharose and column preparation
Clone NumberAHT-5020
Dissociation ConstantKd (IIa)= 1.4X10-8M; Kd (IIa-ATIII)= 1.5X10-8M
Is RadioimmunoassayND
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