Advance Your Biotherapeutic Development With Prolytix


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Advance Your Biotherapeutic Development With Prolytix

Discover how Prolytix’s cutting-edge solutions and personalized approach can accelerate and de-risk your program. Whether you need large molecule drug discovery and development support, protein chemistry services, high-quality critical regents, or custom collection devices, we’re your trusted partner. From R&D to GxP services, there’s only one way to go — with the pro.

Integrated Bioanalytical Services to Drive Your Biotherapeutic Development

Developing novel biotherapeutics that are safe and effective requires a strategic and collaborative approach. At Prolytix, we offer integrated bioanalytical services that span your product’s entire life cycle, providing you with critical insights for confident decisions. Download our fact sheet to learn more.

Biomarker-Specific De Novo Assay Creation

De novo assay development holds great promise for future drug discovery projects, potentially reducing costs, improving success rates, and ultimately benefiting patients by accelerating the development of safe and effective therapeutics. Download our white paper to learn what you need to know with regard to new biomarker assay development.

Protein Concentration Measurement Services Using SoloVPE

As your dedicated partner with extensive protein chemistry expertise, the Prolytix approach transcends conventional methods. Protein concentration measurements are fundamental for many types of experiments. We use SoloVPE to accurately measure protein concentration at an exceptional rate, ensuring that your experiment is off to the right start. Download our fact sheet to learn more.

Improvements to PS80 Detection in Drug Product Formulations

WHITE PAPER: IMPROVEMENTS TO PS80 DETECTION IN DRUG PRODUCT FORMULATIONS This technical white paper details Prolytix’s mixed-mode high-performance liquid chromatography method for the determination of polysorbates, such as PS80. The method offers notable improvements over a conventional reverse-phase HPLC method. The paper includes discussion of: Download now.

Top Factors Driving Advancements in Biotherapeutic Development 

Realizing the therapies of the future requires ongoing innovation and measurable advancements in biotherapeutic development. In this blog, we look at three essential ways that this is currently being achieved:   A commitment to the highest levels of excellence in science, as well as prioritizing collaboration between our scientists and the clients that come to Prolytix …

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Choose Your CRO Like a PRO

Picking a partner for your biotherapeutic program is one of the most crucial decisions you’ll make. When you partner with a CRO, you’re melding outside expertise and resources with your internal knowledge base to expand and accelerate your problem-solving capabilities. This is a tremendous gain, but it’s important to remember that you are the client, …

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