Statement concerning COVID-19

Dear Customer:

As an entrusted partner and service provider to you and your company, we would like to assure you that HTI is taking precautions not only to maintain business continuity, but also to ensure the safety and well being of our staff and our clients.

To ensure that we are able to provide uninterrupted service to our clients, we have reviewed our stock of critical materials, and have also been in contact with all suppliers to make sure that our supply chain remains intact and uninterrupted.  We have also added additional cross-training for employees to ensure that we have an adequate backup of trained employees to run the various test methods.  We have taken measures to maintain the health and well being of our employees and thus have the workforce necessary to meet our daily business requirements.

As of last week (week of 03/09), we have implemented an action plan that is aligned (and updated as required) with recommendations from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Vermont Department of Health to address COVID-19.  Some of the major implementations are as follows:

  • We have Implemented Visitor Self-Disclosure procedures. Visitors will be required to self-disclose symptoms, and may be subject to a temperature reading before entry is allowed.
  • We have made certain that disinfection products are available for use throughout the building so that commonly used surfaces (for example, doorknobs, keyboards, remote controls, desks, conference room tables) can be wiped down by employees before each use.
  • The cleaning service and HTI facilities department are providing extended cleaning with an increased focus on frequently touched surfaces (kitchen refrigerators, microwaves, tables, coffee machine, doors, handles, switches, railings) to eliminate potential hotspots.
  • Hand Sanitizer stations have been installed throughout the facility for greater coverage, and are being monitored closely.
  • We have implemented a Red Dot Awareness Process – To increase awareness of potential transmission hotspots, red dots have been placed on surfaces around the facility that have a higher potential to spread a virus.

In addition, we have disbursed information to all personnel about the symptoms associated with a COVID-19 infection and have provided instructions on how to respond if they feel ill, or if they believe that they have been exposed to a person known to have COVID-19.  We have instructed all personnel on proper hand washing technique and have placed abundant signage throughout the facility to remind them and to encourage them to wash their hands frequently.

As of this week (week of 03/16), we taking measures to further reduce the risk of exposure to our employees.  In that regard we are beginning to implement a split-shift operation for those employees who are required to be on-site, and are having those who are able to work remotely, do so from their home. Furthermore, per the Vermont Department of Health’s recommendations, any employee that tests positive for COVID-19 will be sent home to self-quarantine for 14 days. The Vermont Department of Health will monitor our business for further infections for the next 14 days.

Regarding Company Travel:

  • HTI is following the CDC recommendations on travel restriction to and from Warning Level 3 Travel areas.
  • Regarding travel inside the United States, HTI has prohibited all domestic travel for business purposes without senior level approval until further notice. Once the travel ban has been lifted, HTI staff may travel for business using best judgment based on the ongoing spread of the virus within the region they are visiting and their own personal health risk profile. Should the formal position of the CDC change regarding travel inside the United States, HTI will align with their recommendation.
  • HTI is constantly monitoring the CDC updates and will communicate on a regular basis with any relevant updates.

Finally, the biggest risk we all face with regard to maintaining business continuity is that of a mandatory shut-down or quarantine if such should arise as a federal or local order.  While we hope that such a situation does not arise, HTI is prepared to follow such orders, while at the same time ensuring that any customer property stored on site is guarded and maintained.  In addition, we will ensure that we are prepared to restart operations just as soon as restrictions are lifted.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact an HTI representative by calling (802) 878-1777 or email


Haematologic Technologies, LLC  and Haemtech Biopharma Services.

Richard J. Jenny, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer

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