Anti-Mouse Protein C

Formulation50% Glycerol/H2O (vol/vol)
Shelf Life12 months
Purity>95% by SDS-PAGE
Clonality TypeMonoclonal
ImmunogenPurified mouse protein C
Inhibitory PropertiesInhibits protein C activation in rabbit thrombomodulin and Protac assays.  Does not inhibit aPTT.
SpecificityMouse protein C, but not aPC.  Does not cross react with human protein C.
Is Western BlotYes (mouse protein C, heavy chain - reduced and non-reduced), No (Mouse aPC), No (human PC and aPC)
Is ElisaYes (mouse protein C), No (mouse aPC)
Is Useful For PurificationND
Customization OptionsReformulation into the buffer of your choice; Custom aliquot sizes; Conjugation with FITC, Biotin, HRP and other conjugates; Coupling to sepharose and column preparation
Clone NumberAMPC-9071
Dissociation ConstantND
Is RadioimmunoassayND
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