Matthew Kuhlmeier

Executive Director, Project Management

Matthew Kuhlmeier

With our team of experts at Prolytix, customers can be confident that individuals with the right skills and body of knowledge will be engaged to help bring their product to market.

Matthew Kuhlmeier is Executive Director, Project Management at Prolytix. With over 17 years of experience at Prolytix, Matthew is responsible for leading and overseeing projects from initiation through closure while building and motivating project teams, managing goals and deliverables, and engaging clients to foster stronger partnerships.

Before joining Prolytix, Matthew served as a corporal in the United States Army. He was initially trained as a combat medic, and later as a laboratory technician. His research work at Brigham and Women’s Hospital while serving provided experience in laboratory operations and team leadership.

Matthew holds a B.S. in pathobiology from the University of Connecticut.

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