Technician, Collection Device Manufacturing

Job Description

The Collection Device Technician is responsible for assisting with the execution of routine manufacturing of the collection tubes in a manner that is compliant with Prolytix’s standard operating procedures and quality control procedures. The Collection Device technician reports directly to the Associate Director of manufacturing or their designee.

Desired Technical Skills and Key Responsibilities

  • To complete technical assignments as instructed in standard operating procedures or as provided by the group leader or their designee in a safe and effective manner.
  • To prepare buffers and reagents required for tube manufacturing.
  • Adjust and print labels for tubes, apply labels to the appropriate tubes.
  • Aliquot buffers and reagents into appropriate tubes.
  • Run lyophilizer cycles for the appropriate orders.
  • Stopper and test tubes for draw volumes.
  • Safely handle bio-hazardous materials.
  • Operate laboratory equipment with no (or minimal) supervision including lyophilizer.
  • To keep good laboratory records.
  • Understand and adhere to Prolytix’s quality control policies.

Qualifications and Preferred Skills

  • A two-year technical degree in a laboratory technician training program is preferred.
  • A high school diploma, or the equivalent, is considered acceptable.
  • Prolytix Management may choose to accept candidates with other educational degrees and/or related work experience.
  • Strong command of the English Language.
  • Basic mathematical skills consistent with emphasis on data entry (alpha/numeric), and common scientific calculations, including buffer formulations, dilution calculations, etc.
  • Be able to read and understand technical documents including, training documents, work instructions, safety protocols and quality manuals.

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