Associate Principal Scientist

Job Description

The Associate Principal Scientist is directly responsible for overseeing the execution of R & D contract services and/or manufacturing projects.  It is expected that this individual will oversee (and perhaps participate) in the execution of technical operations, data handling, data calculations and data reporting and will ensure that these activities are done in a manner that is compliant with HT’s standard operating procedures and quality system requirements.  The Associate Principal Scientist is also responsible for training laboratory technicians and other project leaders who may be working under their direction. The Associate Principal Scientist should be able to meet the requirements Senior Scientist job description.

Key Responsibilities

  • The responsibilities of the Associate Principal Scientist differ from that of a Project Leader mostly by the type or complexity of the work that they are overseeing.  In general, the Associate Principal Scientist is responsible for directing projects that require the development or implementation of new methods and/or the use of new equipment.  In contrast, the Project Leader is generally overseeing projects that utilize methods and equipment already in place at HT.
  • Developing research plans with associated timelines and writing service proposals. The scheduling and execution of projects and assignments in accordance with client’s requirements and in a manner that is consistent with HT standard operating procedures.
  • Training and overseeing technicians who are working under their direction.
  • Operating or overseeing the operation of complex laboratory equipment. 
  • The qualification and quality control of methods. 
  • Responsible for maintaining good laboratory records in accordance with good documentation practices and/or GLP or GMP requirements.
  • They should understand and adhere to HT’s quality control policies. 
  • Ensure all technical activities are executed in a safe and effective manner. 
  • Analyzing data and writing reports. 
  • Able to trouble shoot experiments and/or test methods. 
  • Also be able to communicate directly with the clients.


  • The Associate Principal Scientist position is generally not considered to be an entry level position.  Unless approved by upper management, this position requires at least two years of prior service at HT as a Project Leader, Scientist, Manager or Director.
  • A B.S. degree in Chemistry, Biochemistry or Biology along with basic laboratory experience (college laboratory courses or laboratory work-study may be satisfactory) is preferred. 
  • Prolytix Management may choose to accept candidates with other educational degrees and/or related work experience.
  • Biotherapeutic drug development life cycle and analytical method development experience preferred.

Qualifications and Preferred Skills

  • This position requires demonstrated leadership skills, independent programmatic support, excellent writing and verbal communication skills, problem solving ability and analytical skills. Proficiency with Microsoft program package is required with data management quality assurance and compliance experience is required.
  • The Associate Principal Scientist must be able to read and understand technical documents including, training documents, work instructions, safety protocols and quality manuals, and should be able to explain the contents of these documents to personnel under their direction. 
  • The Associate Principal Scientist is expected to be able complete technical and mathematical calculations such as buffer formulations, spectrophotometric calculations, dilution calculations, etc. 
  • The Associate Principal Scientist should be familiar with and understand the technical aspects of running various types of chromatography columns, electrophoresis gels, ELISA assays and other protein assays. 
  • A general understanding of amino acid, protein and carbohydrate structure is required. 
  • The Associate Principal Scientist should be very familiar with the services offered and the products manufactured by HT, to the extent that he/she can field basic technical inquiries from HT clientele. 
  • A thorough understanding of HT’s quality management system is essential.

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